Get Your LTP Submissions In Now

The opportunity to get Kohatu Park on the Tasman District and Nelson City Councils Long Term Plans is coming to a close.

Your help is required to make this happen, no matter where you are it would be fantastic if you could complete an online submission. This is not a daunting task something as simple as the statement below is fine:

“Please include Kohatu Park in the Long Term Plan so the region and community can benefit from its establishment and operations.”

It would be great if you could add a personal touch to your submission if you have time too.

The closing date for submission/consultations for the LTP is 4.00pm Monday the 20th April.

Once you have written your submission to one council, it can then be easily copied and pasted to be included as a submission with the other council. Feel free to post your submission on the Facebook page too if you would like.

If we can get acknowledged on these plans it will be a major milestone passed and will be a great help in getting the Park up and running, as well as an avenue to assist with funding the development.

Here are the links to make an online submission.

TDC submission link:…/public-cons…/make-a-submission/…

NCC submission link:…/make-a-submission-on-the-long-term…/

The Kohatu Park Team