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Adcock and Donaldson Properties Ltd (Stanley Brook via Olivers Road)

Hearing Scheduled: 19 to 22 March 2012

Commissioners' Decision

The Commissioners' decision has been released and the full copy of the report can be downloaded below.

Summary of Decision

Pursuant to Section 104B of the Act, we have GRANTED IN PART land use consent RM100848 to establish and operate a motorsport park, subject to conditions.

The components of the above consent that we have DECLINED are:

  • The lake created for water sports; and
  • The airstrip and helipad and associated aviation activities.

Pursuant to Section 104B of the Act, we have DECLINED resource consent RM100877 to take water, but GRANTED all other consents sought, subject to conditions.

Adcock and Donaldson Decision

Latest News

The Commissioners have closed the hearing as of 21 May 2012. Their decision will be released within 15 working days of that date (subject to the time frame extension provisions in Sections 37 and 37A of the Resource Management Act 1991).

Right of Reply

Submitters' Evidence

Applicant's Evidence

The appendices to Mr Quickfall's evidence have also now been precirculated.

The applicant has precirculated its evidence. The briefs of evidence can be downloaded below. If you would prefer to have a printed copy posted to you, or a copy provided at the Council's reception, please contact Jeremy Butler (03 543 8589).

Staff Report

The Tasman District Council's reporting officers have now issued their report (prepared under Section 42A of the Resource Management Act 1991). The staff report and appendices can be downloaded below.

Latest News Update

23 January 2012

The hearing for this application has been scheduled to begin on 19 March 2011.

Note: only those who made a formal submission on this application will be able to speak at the hearing. However, the hearing is open to all other members of the public to come in and watch.

Older News Updates

7 December 2011

The applicant has advised the Council that it wishes to proceed with the hearing. The Council is working on organisation of a hearing and our planners are undertaking an assessment of the application in order to provide a recommendation to decision makers. We will be in a position to advise on the hearing date in mid to late January. We will give at least six weeks notice of the date of the hearing to submitters.

Please find below a link to a letter sent to all submitters who have asked to be heard in a hearing. Please also find a legal opinion obtained by the Council regarding access to the proposed site.

31 March 2011

At the applicant’s request, the hearing for this application has been deferred to enable the applicant to try to confirm the access route to the site of the proposed motorsport park.

The proposed access route crosses Crown owned land that is being held as part of a “land bank” that may be utilised in the settlement of Treaty of Waitangi claims. Future ownership of that land may be clarified over the next few months.

The extension of time is subject to the applicant advising Council by Monday 7 November 2010 whether the application can proceed to a hearing. If yes, then the hearing must commence by 27 February 2012.

Read the report which authorises this time extension under Sections 37 and 37A of the Resource Management Act 1991:

Application Details


Adcock and Donaldson Properties Ltd

Applicant’s Address for Service: C/- Tony Quickfall, APL Property Nelson Ltd, PO Box 1593, Nelson 7040


Stanley Brook (via Olivers Road)

Legal Description: Lots 1 & 2 DP 17074 NL11A/1222 & NL11A/1223

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal

Land Use Consent (Application RM100848)

To create and operate a Motorsport and Recreation Park comprising commercial events and conference centre, sale of liquor, airstrip and helipad, a range of accommodation and buildings in excess of the Rural 2 zone building height; to be developed in general accordance with the site Master Plan and activity and building schedules included in the application.

The application site is a 203 hectare property on Stanley Brook, to be accessed via Olivers Road. The site is zoned Rural 2 as defined by the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

The application also includes two off-site signs: one at the intersection of Olivers Road and Motueka Valley Highway and the other at the intersection of State Highway 6 and the Motueka Valley Highway (Kohatu Corner).

Land Use Consent (Application RM100872)

Storage of hazardous substances.

Land Use Stream Bed (Application RM100873)

Install culverts, bridges and dams.

Land Use Consent (Application RM100874)

Earthworks and land re-contouring.

Land Use Consent (Application RM100875)

Construction of bores.

Water Permit (Application RM100876)

Divert water.

Water Permit (Application RM100877)

Take water.

Discharge Permit (Application RM100878)

Discharge wastewater.

Discharge Permit (Application RM100879)

Discharge greywater.